rotator-demoLameco Eskrima is a Filipino martial art system combining several different styles of kali, arnis and eskrima which the founder, Punong Guro Edgar G. Sulite, learned from prominent grandmasters in the Philippines.

Punong Guro (Head Instructor) Edgar G. Sulite was born in September 1957 and died in April of 1997. PG Sulite founded the system of Lameco Eskrima 1981 and brought Lameco to the United States in August 1989.

Punong Guro Sulite began his training at an early age under his father, Helacrio Sulite, Sr., in their family’s style. Edgar went on to train with many of the most famous masters of the Filipino martial arts, including GMs Abella, Caballero, Gaje, and Ilustrisimo. The word “lameco” is an acronym for “LARgo” – “MEdia” – “COrto” to emphasize that his style is intended to be equally effective at all ranges, and in all situations.

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Born in the Philippines, Felix Valencia has trained extensively since the age if 4 (over 38 years) within a multitude of devastating no-nonsense fighting arts within each range of combat. Valencia has been inducted into the Karate Martial Arts Hall of Fame and the Filipino Martial Arts Hall of Fame. He became world renown as “Edgar’s Brawler” when he found a home within Punong Guro Edgar Sulite’s Filipino based system of

aikido-362954_1920LAMECO Eskrima. Putting this knowledge into real life application, Valencia has successfully competed in numerous full contact stick and knife fights. As a result, Guro Valencia has chosen the most street applicable systems, extracting techniques and philosophies of martial arts that allow him to flow without interruption between each range of fighting, utilizing a volatile arsenal that comprises Valencia LAMECO Eskrima. Guro Felix Valencia has earned the reputation both in the Martial Arts and Law Enforcement communities as one of the most versatile Martial Artist alive.

Valencia Lameco is the distillation of Guro Felix Valencia’s vast experiences in the fighting arts. Guro Valencia’s empty hand expertise range from the internal system of Hsing I, Indonesian Silat, Hawaiian Lua, Shooto, and Muay Thai (where Valencia was trained in Thiland). Guro Valencia has studied a variety of Filipino Eskrima and Arnis systems under a variety of tutelage.

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